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Danya Al-Atrash

Dietitian & sports nutritionist, TV Expert, public speaker

Danya Nasser is a DHA licensed clinical dietitian & certified personal trainer who specializes in weight management, sports nutrition,metabolic disorders, and bariatric nutrition.

Her passion for public speaking & health has led her to kick start her career by appearing  as a TV guest on well known shows such as The Doctors, MBC's Sabah Al-Khair ya Arab, as well as doing weekly radio segments on radio stations.

Committed to forming relationships with clients looking to transform their habits and mindset, Danya works on lifestyle changes through creating a new mindset towards health, as well as taking on habits that will last long, putting temporary fixes aside!

Forever, as part of her interest in community & public health nutrition, she also conducted workshops on school health, corporate health, as well as being a key note speaker in conferences and webinars .

Danya believes in the holistic approach to health, a fine balance of body, mind, & spirit wellness.Happiness to her is being able to change lifestyles in the most graceful way.

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