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My favorite things about dieting with Danya is how empathetic she is towards her clients. she takes her time getting to know you and works hard to curate a plan that addresses all your concerns and needs.She's available around the clock and provides emotional support when needed.Danya is dedicated to making the wellness journey easier and really spends time teaching you about your body and what to expect.She makes it easy to adapt a healthy lifestyle rather than just a temporary diet change!


Testimonals: Client Testimonial

"I have been suffering for years from being overweight due to personal conditions and whenever i use to start a diet plan it never worked due to gaining weight again and again or losing hope and motivation.I have seen multiple stories on Danya's instagram account with great achievements, and here i decided to start a journey with Danya's diet based on my picky requirements and i never lost weight that much in a while, I started with 100kgs and now im at 94kgs.She was supportive and more of a motivational spirit friend than a specialist.This is just the beginning of me going back to my old body and weight as 66kgs.

Thank you for everything!


Testimonals: Client Testimonial
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