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Achieve Your Goals

What You Need

Ramadan meal planning

Enjoy a healthy fast

A blessed holy month of spiritual and body cleansing. Kickstart your ramadan with an organized meal plan that will cater to your goals all the way to Eid.

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Body Measurements

Weight Loss Counseling

Better Decisions

Are you looking to jumpstart your weight loss journey? Whatever your current diet is, Danya carefully evaluates each client and formulates a personalized plan based on your specific needs. So if healthy weight loss is what you’re looking for, schedule a session today!

Diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol Management

From illness to wellness

Do you need supervised guidance in managing your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels? Danya wellness offers strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several personalized sessions, you’ll become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your health needs. Start earlier and schedule your session today.

Blood pressure reader
Weight Lifting

Muscle up

Gain strength & achieve your physique goals

Danya's passion for fitness and sports nutrition has allowed her to work with clients looking into achieving their best physique, from dropping your body fat percentage  to increasing your muscle mass.This specialized service puts individuals on the right track to having the right diet-for-workout plan. Get in touch to have your macros set!

Corporate wellness

Create an aura of health at your workplace

For years,  Danya has been providing workplace wellness programs to corporates based in the UAE.Since we spend most of our time at work, our wellbeing while working is just as important since it affects productivity too. Get in touch to organize a wellness program at your workplace.

Smiling Baby

Nutrition during pregnancy & breastfeeding

Trusted expert guidance

Are you looking for trusted nutrition guidance throughout your pregnancy? or perhaps planning on losing the extra postpartum weight ? This plan is meant to set you on the right track!

Interested in learning more? Get in touch today.

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